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Dear Client: You may be interested in this program for your horse.  The following information is provided by Smartpak.  Go to: for further details.  Dr. Weaver

 According to NAHMS, colic is the leading cause of death in horses, after old age.*

A sudden change in a horse's lifestyle or diet, such as different hay or grain, increased stall time, adjustment in activity level, or even dehydration can lead to colic. In fact, research has shown that hay changes alone can increase a horse's risk of colic by 10 times! Luckily, studies also suggest there are things your clients can do to help to reduce their horses' risk.

A healthy digestive system with SmartDigest Ultra

SmartDigest Ultra is specially designed to help horses manage digestive stress caused by hay fluctuations, training, travel and more. This innovative formula provides high levels of specialized ingredients to help keep a horse's digestive tract healthy and balanced. The clinically studied ingredients in SmartDigest Ultra include: prebiotics (fructooligosaccharides) proven to reduce disruption in the cecum and colon; prebiotics (mannanoligosaccharides) shown to inhibit the absorption of mycotoxins in the hindgut; yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) shown to improve fiber digestion and assist the beneficial bacteria of the cecum in adjusting to feed changes; enzymes (amylase) shown to increase the proper digestion of starch in the foregut. SmartDigest Ultra provides unparalleled GI protection for every horse, from the high level performance horse to the retiree and everything in between.

Backed by $7,500 of Colic Surgery Coverage with ColiCare?

We're so confident that SmartDigest Ultra will help keep horses' digestive systems healthy that we've backed it with our colic surgery reimbursement program, ColiCare. Horses who receive SmartDigest Ultra in SmartPaks may be eligible for this unique benefit, which provides $7,500 of lifetime** coverage toward colic surgery. With SmartDigest Ultra and ColiCare your clients can sleep soundly knowing their horses have the best digestive product and the best digestive program in their corner.

ColiCare Program Details

  • Must reside in the United States
  • Be between the ages of five months (and fully weaned) and twenty-five years of age and may re-enroll each year until 28 years of age.
  • Be under the direct care of a licensed veterinarian
  • Not had previous colic surgery, experienced colic in the last twelve months or have a history of chronic colic.

Program Requirements:

  • Year-round, daily administration of SmartDigest Ultra maintenance dose (30g) in SmartPaks
  • Annual physical exam from your veterinarian
  • Annual dental exam from your veterinarian
  • Annual vaccinations administered by a veterinarian
  • Annual participation in a veterinarian-directed deworming program that includes at least one annual fecal test and two annual deworming administrations