Lakeside Veterinary Services

12626 Cemetery Rd
Wolcott, NY 14590



Examinations: General physical exams as well as system specific exams and pre-purchase exams.

Health Certificates and Insurance Papers

Laboratory Services: Variety of selected in-house lab tests and optional outside lab services at Cornell University Animal Health Diagnostic Center.

Preventive Care: Vaccinations and dental care

Variety of Procedures and Treatments: Including IV fluids administration, blood and plasma transfusions, mass removal, biopsy, acupuncture, laser treatments, castration, dehorning and euthanasia.

Lameness evaluations

Radiography/X-ray on-site

Farrier consults

Wound care and treatment

Reproductive services: 

Equine: Artificial insemination and ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis.

Small ruminants: Ultrasound and Biopryn pregnancy diagnosis.

Bovine: Manual palpation, ultrasound and  Biopryn pregnancy diagnosis.

Camelid: Ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis

Bovine surgical services: At this time, LDA, RDA and C-section surgical procedures will be referred to Cornell University Hospital for Animals unless a toggle procedure is preferred for an LDA.